Kayle E makes her AA:s pass Braum E

Okay so what happened is kind of weird. I was in ranked playing with my friends like normal. I was playing {{champion:201}} myself. I noticed this bug when trying to help our {{champion:31}}. He got caught out so naturally as {{champion:201}} I jumped and tried to protect him with unbreakable. {{champion:10}} used her E and started AA:ing. Naturally as this turns her into a ranged champion I was expecting the AA:s to be blocked by my E. After that our {{champion:31}} got shredded by {{champion:10}} in seconds even when I was between her and {{champion:31}}. Idk, but I feel like that shouldnt be a thing as she DOES turn into a ranged champion while using E. This bug happened 100% time during the whole matching making my shield useless against her. My PC isnt sadly able to record for some reason so if anyone can record it that would be great. Recreating this wont be hard as you just need {{champion:10}}, {{champion:201}} and a 3rd champion. If this is actually a bug it needs to be fixed now as it is a big game changer.
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