"Mastery Undefined"

I have played a few games in Summoner's Rift which I don't get any mastery points, or game rank. This sucks, because it's mostly games where I do really well, and I don't receive any rewards for playing well. Currently there are 4 circles that show your progress in end game lobby. "LP Gain/Loss" "Season Split Progress" "Champion Mastery Progress" and "Experience gain" Everything else works as intended, but the Champion Mastery Progress. What gives? I have had all 4 Hextech Chests available for a good while, but I can't gain any of them because of this bug, and I only play 1 or 2 games a day anyway. But then I get A+ games and those go through fine. Can ANY Rioter please comment on this? I tried to find any comments regarding this issue.
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