I tried buying a Twitch skin fro 520 RP but lost 1000 RP instead !!??

I had 1381 RP, so i bought the Whistler Village Twitch{{champion:29}} skin that cost 520 RP, but then i went down to a little bit over 340 RP ?!!? So then i tried refunding the skin that costs 520 RP and i went back up to 1381 !!!! So i decided it was bugging so i disconnected and reconnected later. I tried buying the skin again, and i went BACK TO +340 RP ! So since i didnt want to pay the 520 RP skin for about 1000 RP i refunded it again. But now i have no refunds left and I dont want to buy any other skin in case it glitches too. Plz help me ! I used a calculator and tried many times, I am sure its a problem, its not just me not understanding. I'd really ike this Whistler Village Twitch skin but I'm not ready to buy it for 1000 RP ! Help plz maybe it is written it costs 520RP but in actually costs 1000 RP or something and if possible I'd like to get my 2 refunds refunded XD. Thank you for your cooperation I will be waiting for your answer. :D {{summoner:13}}
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