Wrongfully identifying exploit prevention security software as hacking software? KILL ME

Its funny the software that got me banned for hacking is a software purely made to prevent exploits and hacking. I run a not so mainstream software from Microsoft that prevent hacking by monitoring software and terminating it if it does odd system calls, it also forces software to load code in a more dynamic fashion. Its somewhat hard to explain this software in a short fashion but it prevents many undiscovered threats, security holes and exploits by obfuscating, terminating, blocking, and invalidating many actions and techniques. To do this it injects its own DLL called EMET.DLL as can be seen in process explorer: http://imgur.com/Ci2Zsj4 This software works as an additional layer to your firewall and antivirus/host intrusion protection or whatever you run. And have proven itself in hacking contests like Pwn2Own and is an NSA recommendation to companies. Anyway my ban is wrong. I know you guys reacted to EMET.DLL being injected and thought "hacker gaining unfair advantage spotted". While its really "I don't want coding errors in LoL to lead to a system compromise". I know its a big job but I'm sure you guys have several replays of me playing, and I can assure there won't be a single one where I can be seen cheating, NOT A SINGLE ONE, I NEVER CHEATED/SCRIPTED to gain an unfair advantage. My punishment isn't fair, I been a friendly member for most of my time playing and spend a decent/good amount on RP, and get banned for cheating when I didn't cheat. I contacted support and got it set to resolved with the explanations: "-snip- Accounts that are caught using hacks to gain an unfair competitive advantage are subject to permanent suspension. We work hard to preserve a fair and competitive environment in League of Legends. Regardless of intent, use of unauthorized third-party programs is explicitly against the Terms of Use -snip-" I don't have the energy to be fighting the support like this. EMET 5.5 gives you the same advantage that a system firewall or antivirus would, its just that the software interacts a bit more with it while running to make sure the software is running safely. Can some Riot employer please help me with this, support doesn't understand and maybe I'am bad at explaining. But my ban is unjustified I think, and if riot wants me to not use security software like EMET when playing let me know and I consider running the software in some virtual setup instead.
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