Riot fix your game please, I'm getting LP-loss because YOUR game isn't working properly.

Captured with Lightshot
Finally had a positive win-streak after a lot of losses... what happens? As soon as the champion selection is over and the loading screen SHOULD appear, just blackness, nothingness, I can only see the cursor. So of course I try to tab out, hmm... doesn't work, weird. I try to ALT+F4, doesn't work. I try to open the task-manager and close the game so I can reconnect, DOESN'T WORK. I use WINDOWS+D to show me the desktop so I can close the game like that, of course, it Just. Does. Not. Work... Last thing I could do is sign off and sign in again and that finally worked, but my team obviously remaked as I was in the now working loading screen... Please technicians of Riot enable us to get faster back into your game when it has a whoopsie, cause now my win-streak plus my motivation is down the drain to play anymore Ranked-games...

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