vel'koz potential bug

hello and welcome 1st of before i go into the bg i'd like to say that i'm not sure if this was made intentionaly or on purpose so just keep that in mind while reading this. so i've been playing a lot of vel'koz ever since his relese and after the buff that happend some time ago where 50% of the q mana is refunded if the ability kills the minion. now i'm not saying that the ability doesn't work like that i've even tested in in the practice tool and it works fine the question i have is why when the ability procs the passive dmg does it not refund the mana. this doesn't happen often but it goes like this if after aplying 2 stacks of passive on a minion if the q damage is enaugh to kill it without the passive dmg then your maan gets refunded (no problem here) but if the damage of the q without the passive proc doesn't kill the unit but with the passive proc it would why doesn't the mana get refunded after all you still killed the minion with the ability. so if i write it in logical terms (if dmg(q)>health) => mana gets refunded (if dmg(q)<health) => mana not refunded (if dmg(q)+dmg(passive)>health and dmg(q)>health)=> mana gets refunded (if dmg(q)+dmg(passive)>health and dmg(q)<health)=> mana not refunded so i'm just wondering why it's like that and not that it gets refunded if you proc the passive with the q part and kill the minion after all you still killed the minion after casting q
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