Rune page dissapear

Goodnight, So after 1 week holiday i came back i launch a normal and what my surprise in champ select i only have 2 rune page (i got almost max i think its like 8, i unlock it) i say ok its a bug or a patch that change my rune page. But after watching my rune page ,all my page dissapear and as you see on screenshot it only display 2 of all my bought page. I know since tencent bought riot, they try to do the max benefit, but this one is too big, im not buying another page just uninstalling cause even if i was judging new patch, client was "stable", not anymore client bugging network bugging game bugging. I was glad to waste my money in a game that in past season 1-5 was nice with his players, now i think i will just go back to bfa i guess. btw fortnite suck
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