RIOT please fix settings saving

I'm not telling about the exact bug. I saw people posting same staff about this patch, but I started encountering problems with settings saving long time ago. I remember having problems with literally all binds in replay mode, they just changed to default every time i entered replay mode. I think it was even in season 7. Then few months ago i started having problems with borderless screen mode. Again, it always switched to full screen, which is VERY annoying, because full screen opens in 10 seconds or so. And now, in this patch, this problem became even bigger - colorblind option switches to "off" when surrender vote starts (this is ridiculous). ALL video and sound settings don't save as well, binds too. Riot, this is a huge problem. Fix it, I beg you. The game is getting very uncomfortable because of this. P. S. Sorry for bad English, I'm not a native speaker
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