champ select bug

can you fix this bug for the love of god i'm a patient person and its been around for months (maybe a year) its been so long and i have said nothing but highlighting a champ that take 3 seconds to register at times before you can lock in while you spam accept button only for it not to register to kick you back into the lobby is not OK. fix your crappy client please or revert back to the other. i mean the hex tech store doesn't want to open half of the time you have to click the store then back to hex tech to get into the store (i'm sure its not just me). i mean i see loads of patches were oh there is a problem with ziggs or zyra and this animation and that animation yet the client is plain and simply not doing it for me. if you can't fix a Bug thats been around since the clients existence isn't that screaming alarm bells for you. sorry to rant but i don't see why i'm punished to sit in a lobby for 5 mins when i'm spamming lock in only for the client to sit there unresponsive for 5 seconds. and no its not my computer ...

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