Azir his current issues

Alright im an Azir main with 500k points on all accounts. And i can finally say Azir is in a great spot, he isn't overpowered nor is he weak. But the main issue im having is how much bugs this champ has. you got small bugs like tower laser going through the map and following an enemy. those im ok with you know, they happen. but then you have bugs like we have now. theres a bug where your auto doesnt do damage at times. it happens very randomly and is only occuring since patch 9.9. And its not like you cancel the auto, cuz thats not possible with his soldiers. bugs like these should atleast be getting looked into and we should be notified about them being looked into. Because a lot of Azir bugs barely get fixed. there are still bugs from october, (the month i started maining him) and they still havent been fixed. i understand fixing bugs takes time and is hard. but can we atleast be notified about them fixing it?
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