Rare Taliyah Bug... Maybe

Ok, so it was originally intended that with good positioning, Taliyah can use her W to knock enemies over "a" wall (like after an ulti she can knock enemies back over the wall after they flash to escape, I have done this!) However, while it seems like it "can" work with other terrain, it occasionally doesn't and the inconsistency makes me wonder whether it is a bug or by design. First of all, when trying to knock enemies over terrain that is not her ulti, sometimes they bounce up and simply hit the wall, this might be due to positioning like failed flash, but very often the position seems perfect, the enemy is standing still next to a wall, and they just bounce up and down. This part may be by design, or just bad luck, this next part however is a rare bug. rather often, while trying to do the same trick (except for with ulti I think it only worked once) the enemy don't get thrown at all. The seem to be stunned momentarily, but the do not get knocked up or thrown in any direction, probably because the wall won't let them bounce over it, but the knock up animation fails too? (maybe it occurs but the animation doesn't, haven't had a yasuo nearby to test that theory) but either way this has happened a few times, so could you have a look at her knock interaction with walls for me, or let me know if it is not possible by design? Finally, just remembered something else, occasionally I am certain champions are on the W and just walk through it. There are a number of reasons why it may appear to occur, from my own eyes, latency or really, really rare bugs, however, I noticed it happens more often with Gnar! Usually when he has recently transformed (will update this post if I have a match and can be more specific as to which direction), but more than any champ, I've noticed gnar just walk over W "like" it missed, but his body is still over it when it goes off, unlike fast champs, udyr or shyve where the same thing happens but it usually looks like they've already passed over it by the time the animation completes, as with gnar, even though he is still moving, part of his body is on the W, it just doesn't affect him. I know it might just be me, but the fact that I notice it more with gnar and his hitbox is a little unique, I thought it was worth mentioning. Anyway, thanks in advance.

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