notifications about gifting wont stop popping up

i got a little drunk one night and gifted around 5-6 skins to friends. i regret none of the gifting and am not asking for a refund, just wanna get that out of the way immediately. however this was like 5 weeks ago if not even more, and EVERY single time i log in, i get notifications saying they've opened their gifts, 5 or 6 of them. only 2 can show at once so it's pretty annoying having to wait for the others to load up. this happened last time i gifted something aswell and it kept popping up for around 3 months, i bug reported it back then aswell. i don't understand how this is still a thing, the first time it happened was over 8 months ago. rito pls i'm sick and tired of all these motherhumping notifications in my motherhumping client. every single time i logged in i get a reminder that "this person has opened their gift!" please, it was half an eternity ago, let it go and leave me alone
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