Fps Drop

cant play very low or medium or high or low or very high this stupid game is lagging like hell, my fps are drop to 0 in team fights and sometimes how can i play like this huh? how can i climb up my rank like this huh? i cant do this anymore.. and i dont want to do this anymore, can you fix this or not? this is my 10th report maybe, guys i dont wanna play like this, i just do everything i can, but still same problem, and u guys says use hextech repair tool, and its make me to download the half of game, playing 100,000,000 players, but u cant still fix your client bugs what is this huh? cant even play any mode, this fps are dropping like hell, can u fix this ? or no? ranks are end in 19th november, cant play ranks cause of this stupid braindead fps lag, how can i climb like this? let someone too boost my account huh? Or u guys boost me? im in silver and i still cant play smoothly this game cause this fps lag, u guys fix this or boost me for gold? what do you say? Are u agreed? huh? guys i cant play like this just do something for this. dont wanna explain this step by step, i just want to say this, dont make me to report you guys anymore, just do something to this or my next report will be to much.... thanks. i just say what i want, dont take it serious, cause i love this game and i want to play like old days. Please fix this
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