Bug Reports - How to Submit a Good Bug Report!

If you report a bug, please use this format to make it as easy as possible for us to help: #Firstly, please check the [Service Status Page](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#euw) and search around to see if your issue has already been reported! *** | _Description_ | | _Type of information_ | |:-------|:---|:---| | | | | **Title:** | | [Patch number] - Fitting bug title| | **Server:**| |The server where you encountered the bug (EUW, EUNE, etc). | | ** Match Details:**| | Replay/GameID - some way for us to find the game! | | **Type of Bug:**| |Client, in-game, patching, shop, website etc.| | ** Details:**| | Describe the bug and the steps required to recreate it. | The details of a perfect bug report should look a bit like this: > • Video / Screenshot: Insert screenshot (F12 in game) or Video of the bug occurring • Reproduction steps: Provide the steps if someone else had to reproduce the bug • Expected result: What should have been the result when you followed the above steps? • Observed result: What was the result when you followed the steps mentioned above? • Reproduction rate: If you try to recreate the bug how successful are you in causing it to occur? (1/10 - occurs once every 10 tries, 5/10 - occurs 5 times out of 10, 10/10 - happens every single time) Our Wrenchmen and Riot team will be scanning and escalating any major bugs that come from here.

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