Trial Tokens are NOT updated [stuck at 285 tokens]

Unfortunately it is the last day so I don't know if anything can be done, but my trial tokens are stuck at 285, even though since then I completed 2 more missions (so I should have 315 tokens by now). The golden chroma for challenger ahri costs 300 tokens, but apparently I can only get it if I buy the freaking pass that costs 1650rp... Now the thing is... I'm a afraid that not even those 200 tokens I get from the pass will be added to my account... I honestly hate Riot for a lot of things, but the mission progress not showing up and the rewards not being added is so frustrating and infuriating... And the sad thing is that they know about the problem, and didn't do anything to fix it (they said they did, but apparently they didn't). This is basically Riot saying "I don't give a fk about your time spent playing our game", "better luck next time" etc. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Did you find a fix to this problem? Thank you very much in advance!
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