Absolute trash known as the Leaverbuster System

**Hello people at Riot games!~** I'm here to rant I suppose about the current leaverbuster system and why I think it needs to be looked at and completely revamped or improved. Due to the introduction of /remake I and many other people have been experiencing an extreme difficulty to even play one game without getting a 20 minute leaverbuster for 5 games over and over due to the game crashing mid loading screen and 3mins not being enough time to completely close and relaunch the client including the time to reconnect after relogging back in. Whilst the consistant crashing within the loading screen is already some broken thing in itself that happens to many people, that's not the reason I made this discussion in the first place. The main reason I made this discussion is to talk about the things that Riot Games don't really pay attention to about the game, Things like the leaverbuster System and how currently stupid the whole system is; As it is, the leaverbuster system currently checks if someone is afk for a certain amount of time from a game and then at the end of the game sometimes leaverbusters that person, scaling origionally with a single warning against going afk in which you must type that you agree not to go afk upwards to five 5 minute leaverbuster games, to 10, 15 and then finally 20. This system is completely fine as is, with a few issues that include, disconnecting from the game for 30 seconds then reconnecting and then receiving a leaverbuster for it. However the most absurd thing about the system is the fact that leaverbusters don't actually ever reset, This being one of the most annoying and stupid things about them, It is quite an infuriating thing to have a flux in your connection or to have someone accidentally knock the router to then dc for a second and instantly reconnect only to find that at the end of the game you have been leaverbuster'd for a whole 20 mins for 5 whole games... For disconnecting for 2 seconds, you can get leaverbuster'd for FIVE 20 minute games.. Doesn't that seem the slightest bit stupid to you?.. As a player that absolutely adores right and League of legends it being my absolute favorite game of all time I implore you to consider rework/revamping this system to make it more efficient or just to make it work smoother in general and to do the job of correctly punishing the people that truly disconnect on purpose, rather than the ones that disconnect and then reconnect moments later. **I thank you greatly for kindly taking your time to read this post, it really means a lot to me!~ -Steff **{{champion:18}}
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