time-out, freeze at champ select

2 Years of reporting this bug, lets hope they finally fix it with this report. When in champ select, alt-tabbing out of the client and visiting certain websites (browser doesn't matter) the champ selecting part of the client freezes. This also happens during match finding, but then it only locks you out of accepting the match and it doesn't impart a queue dodge penalty. In the old client you got a pop-up saying "connection time out", but there is no error message in the new client. Note that this only affects the champ selection part of the client, chat still works fine. This is not related to internet connection (as pre-game chat and websites still work) This is not related to operating system as I have repeated this bug over 3 different versions of windows, on 3 different PC's, on 2 different internet connections This probably isn't browser related, I tested this bug on IE and chrome on every PC and the bug happens with either browser From experience, these websites cause the bug to trigger: - SMBC comcis - Any HIVE works webcomic - Any "wikia" site (- Maybe Imgur) - ... Safe websites: - Google - Youtube - Reddit And please don't give me any flow chart advice on how to "fix this bug on my end", none of it works. The problem isn't on my end, I have great and consistent internet access, and I have no firewalls blocking parts of the client.
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