Server side lag for all players, gradually got worse over the the course of the game.

So around 4 minutes in I noticed game was starting to get laggy, at the same time 3 other people type "lag?" in all chat, amongst which enemies. After that pretty much every player confirms game is lagging. (most people were at around 20 ms), some abilities were invissible (irelia E for example), and so we continued playing. Lag got a little less bad around 10 minutes into game, then a few minutes after it got even worse than it was before. Lasted up untill around 17 minutes into the game where i got disonnected. I press alt+tab and see that the client itself says i'm not in a game and the play button is blue like it's raring to go. I press alt+tab again and still see the disconnected game open. I look at my in client match history and see no trace of the game whatsoever. Guess I can say goodbye to the last bit of LP I needed for promos. We were 5 turrets to 2 with their base broken open, complete vision controll along with 2 infernals whereas they only had 1 ocean. Thanks rito.

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