I lost a division because of riots launcher

Ok so i were playing some duo Q with a friend of mine and what happends is that my launcher chrashes meanwhile i am in the champion select, however i manage to restart the launcher again and when its finnaly my turn to pick a champion all champions are invisible or perhaps not even there. This leads to me losing my promos as "dodging queue = a loss in promos", this was really disturbing as i for now have to win multiple ranked games in a line in order to be in the same spot as i were suppsed to be( i won the game after starting the client a third time, which also was my last promo), and all of this wasn't my fault at all. if there is a rioter reading this then please i beg you, change my division to silver 1, 0 lp i am sure you can check history behind my account and see what happend. with kind regards /Innocent Exile. EUW servers p.s: all of this is very very demotivating for me in terms of playing rankeds or even normal league games :(, if you want more information about the bug then please respond.
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