What is wrong with Riot right now?

Hey guys, in my entire League "career" I've never experienced a red exclamation mark in the client with ranked queues still up. Somehow, it happened today and a few days/weeks ago. But, when the q's are enabled, you think everything's fine. It's not. IT'S BLOODY NOT. Last time I played with this "Game disconnection issues" mark I only had a few dcs, nothing wild. But I just had a mindblowingly broken game. In minute 8 or something, my supp and me disconnected and couldn't rejoin League despite every other online software worked (couldn't even login or access the website). When we were finally able to reconnect after another 8 minutes, multiple things came up: First of all, my supp had no game sound. Second of all, we were facing D-'s for being AfK. Third, I had map areas that looked like i had vision but I couldn't actually see champs in these areas, making everything completely confusin (fog of war was in the state of my dc, only changed when i acquired vision of the areas). Now the real creepy shit: My supp couldnt see Yuumi. I saw her, but she just saw her being inside enemy Lucian. I just don't get why the hell Riot wouldn't disable Ranked Q's if there were gamebreaking bugs.
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