Minor Manaflow band Bug

Hello summoners, i've recently noticed that manaflow band might have some sort of bug on some champions, in particular, on gp. Okay, so we all know what manaflow band does, you hit an enemy with an ability and you get your maximum mana increased by 25, now, the problem is that somehow, manaflow band isnt working over gangplank's kegs (while comet does work with them) so, i've decided to make some tests over the practicing tool to actually get an idea if the skill itself was coded not to proc it or if it could've been a bug. I've made 2 tests, 1 with nasus and 1 with urgot, let me explain the reason i've picked these 2 champions in particular: To proc the kegs you got 2 ways, the first one is by attacking the keg when it has 1 health bar left, the second one is by parrlying it so, in my mind, the idea of it being just a 'Empowered attack' started to take place. Results on nasus were that his E was consuming the manaflow band and comet properly while its Q wasnt, so i actually thought that it could've seriously been a on hit effect thingy that wasnt allowing gp to stack it with kegs but, urgot Q could (urgot Q is similar to gp's keg, it just auto detonate). To avoid any mistake i've looked deep into the wiki to get more details about the skill itself but then i found a thing that proofs the bug: [IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/205uzxj.jpg[/IMG] If you look at the bottom of it, it says that since 7.22 enemies hit by Powder Keg's damage will be subject to ability effects, and manaflow band appears to be listed into that. Can we please get a fix for it in the next patch? Thanks.
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