i can't load into a game, which results in me getting leaverbusters!!

Basically, i have reported this bug to Riot a couple days ago but, i am constantly having to get 20 minute leaver-busters because of this, and what happens is when I've locked in my champ and we go to launch in the game and you see the loading screen with both teams and then you wait for everyone to load right? Well what happens with me is that sometimes when i waiting for me to get to 100% I'll sometimes be the last but that's not the problem, the problem is that I will get to 100% and so will all the teams be at 100% and i won't load in. No matter how long i wait i will be still stuck on that same screen at 100% and it's not the fact that my game is crashed because everything is working eg: the wheel is turning and i can move my mouse. To solve this myself so I'm not constantly getting loses' and hurting my team, what i do is i exit out of the loading screen and close it and then i reconnect, but a result in doing that it makes me a 'Leaver' and also gets me a leaver-buster. I was already on a leaver-buster but i was on my last game, i have had to reset my leaver-buster more than 3 times because of this issue. It is really annoying, and i might create a new account because i can't be bothered to be having constant leaver- busters, I want to play games and actually enjoy myself on League but i can't enjoy it when i have this bug. Please reply with some advice thx <3{{champion:236}}
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