I keep getting "dodge" penalty and LP loss because of constant bugs.

I added a screenshot. I apparently "entered" the lobby and you can even see the chat, but with the "accept" screen locked in, I could do nothing. Have I repaired the game? Yes, several times over the years. I have an amazing PC rito, nothing else I play is this buggy. And the new launcher? Can't you at least re-add the "remind me" button? As if the community wasn't bad enough. I've keep buying less and less RP because of all of this, and I'm just gonna stop altogether. And I am also playing less and less. The experience only gets worse over time. You should remove the /all chat. It makes no sense, it's a flaming channel, it's never used for anything else but flame the enemy team... And in team? Don't get me started. There's flamers EVERY-SINGLE-GAME. Why don't you work on something GOOD and DRASTIC to get rid of all the toxic shit? I'm so tired, honestly. I'm old for this shit.

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