is riot even informed about alista bug which is critical?

if you press w and then press the bq at the same time, the w doesn't knock the target away but let them stun for short period (the q doesn't get cooldown of course) , so that you can w bq e q and then stun them right after q stun, or just simply let your ally stun them after w so that you can use your q later for max cc chain, it's been popular for almost a week but i don't see any 'alista ban' or any official from riot, I see koreans using it in challenger for almost every game becuase it's legit broken, and after alista is already broken, this bug is way too op in high elo right now, they are even making so many youtube videos about it as well, and i see them using it in every w cooldown in youtube videos as well here's madlife's video about alista w bq
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