Stuck in "Spectating"

So earlier today i wanted to check on my friend, how far in he was in his game. We were supposed to play duos together, doing our usual botlane duo. My friend had a game before i came online, so i figured i had to wait for our Duo que till he was done with his game. I right clicked hes name on my friend list and choose "Spectate" to see if he was done soon. As soon as i got in, i sat there for 10-15seconds only, because i realized he would be finished very soon. I clicked escape, and clicked "exit game" to get back out in my client, till he was done. Tho when i came out to the client i soon realized i was still stuck in "Spectating" I know a lot of bugs happens with the client and thought i would just wait out till he game finished, and restarted the client meanwhile. Only problem is: nothing of it helped. I'm now sitting on my 3rd hour still stuck as "Spectating" even tho the game i was spectating finished 3 hours ago, and still here I'm sitting waiting to play with my friend. I have submitted the bug report 1-2 hours ago, however it seems like this will take more then just a few hours to look up upon. I'm now desperately trying to create a threat here, hoping for an advice or maybe even a response from a support at Riots. Can anybody please help me play Leage of legends today? I finally have my day off from work, all coordinated with my buddy so we could spam the que bottom all day long, and really: I was looking forward to be gaming all day.In my age its hard to find the time for it. Unfortunately now it seems like i have to find something else to do. Any advice or help, or whatever it takes to get me back in with my best friend would be highly appriciated. Best Regards Michael alias Larlle
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