Player/champion names + summonericon ingame scoreboard missing

Hello fellow Summoners, I recently reported a bug wich i thought it would last for 1 game. but apparently not, i was playing a game when suddenly someone amazed me with his/her skills. So i wanted to know this player's name. I pressed Tab to open the scoreboard and i went over the champion icons of that player. Normally the **player name**, **champion name** and **summoner icon** would show up, but in this case only the **CN** and **SI** could be seen. I went with my mouse to another player on the scoreboard and i could see the **PN**, **CN** but not the **SI**, the same for others but then the **CN **was missing and more weird combinations... And this bug keeps appearing on the Summoners rift, Did someone else noticed this? Kind regards, TLC

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