MMR matching FAR FROM REAL SKILL in Ranked solo/duo

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OK so I am trying to draw some comparisons to DotA 2 here, because they have a Dynamic Ranked Queue, where people playing Solo are matched with...
RIOT, here please. I have been playing ranked solo/duo on my side accounts, and noticed one thing: Every player out-played hard to those who were premade! Not only in skill level, but also with interpretation of the whole game, including map awareness, items order, teleport timing, etc. {{summoner:33}} This is awful for players with a couple of premade partners in their team. Because they got 2 low-skillful players, who will definitely have lower contribution than their opposed guys do. This can be observed from all ways, for example, {{champion:38}} never stacks his ultimate before fights and therefore 0 damage he can do, or {{champion:1}} randomly use spells when team is grouped (so that stuns cant be made sure, neither will enemy team need to be careful for her stuns), or {{champion:121}} jumps in and die first all the time, or jungler shows up top in the late game when dragon is up, etc. For me, I am a diamond player, playing a high platinum account now. And every time I get 'premade' in my team, I can barely expect them to do any contribution, especially when they picked mid/adc such places. Their true rank levels are also far behind ours. I did not know the reasons why they were put in this elo, until I saw this article. This article might be stale, but the idea here reminds me that it was similar last season, but only get more severe this season. I started to think if it was RIOT changing the MMR matching system. If so, can you please change it back? Team MMR means nothing when they both suck. It only need to be balanced when you duo a high-skilled player with a much lower-skilled player. If they were at similar skill level, there is not much need to put them into a much higher elo. Thus, can you please check the MMR matching system?
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