Some bugs I've noticed and wanted to report.

Aye, some bugs I've noticed Ashe: First one is Ashe's E. When she uses vision, sometimes it happens that the eyes of her E stay on you the whole game and I don't know how this occurs. I've noticed it happens both in ARAM and SR. It may occur if you die right after she uses it and it stays permanently, not sure. But it is very annoying. (They can't see you so it's a visual bug) Another one which I'm unsure about but going to report anyway, when the game ends, the 'victory' sign appears very slow and generally ending the game looks like the end you see in a replay (where everyone becomes untargettable/yellow). Didn't do that before, so I'll say it. Talon: Often happens with Talon that when you're trying to jump a wall it simply doesn't but the wall becomes red anyway and you can't jump until cdr finishes. Very annoying. Evelynn 2 bugs still not fixed: first one is, when you're casting Q and using your three spikes, then get immediately get into your shadow form and cast Q before the cooldown ends, you will appear visible again but without using any ability or anything happening. Second Evelynn bug: Sometimes ult casts sideways of where cursor was. Azir: Same bug as above.

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