Pulsefire Thresh

Good day. Now, I know this isn't the proper place to post this but as a Thresh main and someone who has played League since season 2, this is a bug to me. When Riot announced there would be a new thresh skin and prestige version of it, they stated it would be a different thematic. And that it would be released later in the year. Now, I know most people thought it would be around Christmas so a possible Winter themed skin? Possibly Bad Santa Thresh? Grinch Thresh? Winter Wonderland Thresh? Snowman Thresh? But, where does Pulsefire Thresh come in? It feels random and plain weird, to be honest. The full design feels very...bland. I mean none of these words in a harsh way, it's just really surprising that Riot would allow such a "bug". And, yes. This is a bug to me. Why? Because you would at least think that with their previous experience with amazing Thresh skins (Not you Deep Terror), they could at least make something extra special for Christmas. I know it's probably too late for them to remove the skin since there is of course hard work put into it. Simply put: The skin feels like a joke. It feels like an April Fools skin such as the "Definitely Not" line. When it's not meant to be. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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