Permanently banned.

My account has been hacked since season 8. I've played on this account till December and then i stopped playing League. After i get into the account, abou 1 week ago, i saw that account is permanently banned.I didnt even flamed on that account i was playing League for fun and to support my players in game, not to flame them. I want my account back, i payed a lot of money on that account and now that account is permanently banned because of some player who hacked my account and get me perma? He is maybe some of my friends who saw my Username but never,never saw my password. None saw my password of that account because i loved that account and wont let anyone ban it. But it happens... Please players,support me and help me get unbanned for thing i did not do.I changed every single information about account so that person cant get into the account again.Thank you in advance!
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