No Global Gold if Minions Destroy First Tower?

Long story short my enemy laner went to roam so I went to attack tower, got tower very low but saw on the map my opponent was coming back, so I backed to my tower while the enemy chased me to my tower, My creeps destroyed the tower for first blood tower a few seconds later but I didn't receive any gold. Why didn't we get no "global gold" and also after this we destroyed another tower and we didn't get first blood tower again. So in the end if a minion destroys the first tower nobody gets the bonus gold and the "first blood tower" reward is removed for both teams? Surely this is a bug. Here are the patch notes: Turret First Blood BLOOD FROM A STONE In addition to normal rewards, the first turret killed yields 400 total bonus gold to its killer's team SHARED LOCAL GOLD 275 gold split between nearby champions GLOBAL GOLD 25 gold per champion
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