Leona's ult interaction with her Q

i just noticed that the bonus range from Q and R dont stack ( it should be and i know that cause i main leona and it used to stack ) whats more importantly that if you Q after or before the ult it will override the bonus range from her ult until you stun someone (consume your Q buff) leona's default auto attack range is : 125 with Q (extra 50) : 175 with R (extra 100) : 225 if you Q then R your range will be 175 ( you gain the bonus range from Q only ) and you wont get the bonus range from R until your Q buff is consumed same thing goes if you R then Q your range will be 225 at first but then it will decrease to 175 then back again to 225 (if you consume your Q buff) i know its not a game breaking bug and its not really a big deal but i thought it might be worth noticing

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