Sound bug in Game and Client when using microsoft edge.

Hello, the (game)sound seems to be completely messed up. This happens since i updated from win8.1 to win10. (Some months ago). When i have a YouTube video open in microsoft edge the in-game sound seems to be a lot louder. (i then need to set the master volume to about 60/70). When i dont run a video i need to set the sound up again. I diddnt test this for other browsers or other media formats (f.eks. twitch, other video-platform, etc). Another bug i get since either this or the last patch is, that the login sound wont stop to play if the client is logging in, while out of focus. (I watched a YouTube vide while i was logging in, so not sure if this had anything to do with it.) I tested the last one a few times, but could not recreate it.

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