hello Riot, im rafiki098, one of the HUUGE PROBLEMS OR LEAGUEOFLEGENDS, is that you all put machines to see if people get dissconected from the match or not, There are MILLIONS of players that have problems with internet , they can get up to 9000 ping lagg, without no reason, but it doesnt matter they go 24/0/17, they will still getvbanned fo 20 MINUTES? DURING 5 MATCHES?? Are you serious? I dont see Dota doing this, and people are still happy, everyday i see more negative aspects of the baning system of Riot, Even if you connect 1 minute later you still abandoned match, you will get banned.... Until Riot doesnt change the Leaver Buster system, I PERMANENTLY STOP PLAYING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS , I will from now play DOTA 2, regards GreyShadow97
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