Grandmaster's Might + Guinso

Does anyone find it odd how Jax's ultimate interacts with Guinsoo? After stacking Guinsoo, it works like that: 1.Normal Basic 2.Empowered 3.Normal 4.Empowered 5, 6, 7- Normal attack 8.Empowered. And the cicle goes on, maybe there is one more normal attack and the empowered one is on 9 instead but it doesnt matter. The question is, why like that. If the cicle is 8 attacks, then ok, it is shorter by one. But if its 9, than nothing changes, exept that you deliver two empowered attacks two autos faster, which sometimes matters, but generaly is about a second for Jax. Other then that Guinsoo's passive doesnt do anything, the effect doesnt activate twice. Outside of changing Ult activation order (MAYBE shortening it by one attack, but i probably got it wrong, but if it does, then Guinsoo would have big effect) Guinsoo's Rage Blade doesnt do much, and the normal auto gap just files weird.

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