Patch 6.17.16 - /remake option not working

Server: EUNE Type of Bug: in-game Details: Couple of games we (me and premade) had AFK from the very start of the game. The AFK player didn't move nor reconnected to the game. None of us had died untill the third minute of the game. There was no remake option available. The problem is because of this bug players like me (we've also matched in game where the enemies couldn't/didn't had /remake option.) keep losing games without any chance to make something right or at least get rid of that one players who is AFK. I don't think that there is way to bypass the AFK automatic disconnection therefore It's not possible to stay in-game more than 20 minutes and do nothing. Which is the exact thing that happens those games that we had. It's not cool losing LP. It'll be great if you do something about it. :)
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