again alpha bug....

​this alpha have buggggggggggggggggggggg{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} wtf? **why riot hate me?why always me?always trolls with me,always first time pickers in my team,always bugs for me,....?** 1.again i want start a ranked and yes again bug,my game crashed and i want start again i see [pic1]( :| 2.i closed this error box and again start alpha shortcut and game open in task manager but i see nothing but little waiting :|| 3.i force closed alpha in task manager and again start and i see [pic2]( , i click "ok" and game again crashed -__- 4.i restart pc and again start alpha,this time i see [pic3]( after login :| and alpha start repair!!!! [pic4]( 5.alpha first donwload 23mb and again automatic download 73mb!!!! [this Process start in 5:12 and end in 6:20][launch and play and fix!] **My team dont remake and win but i -17 LP AGAIN TNX ALPHA** -___- **not forget dont say me your pc is toaster!** because i today before that have 2 game with this pc without bug! [pic5]( and sorry my english not so good{{champion:4}} [All 5 pic in rar ](​

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