A number of bugs i want to report

Hey, I've detected a few bugs that I want to report here. I've already created bug reports but didnt get a reaction so far: Bugs that already appeared before preseason patch: 1) If Pyke {{champion:555}} has GA {{item:3026}} and uses his ultimate **before ** procing it, his ultimate goes on cooldown, even though the ult executed the enemy before. 2) When you go into a replay and want to record a track including Pyke {{champion:555}} , the recorded track looses his the sound as soon as the first pyke R is being used. 3) If Pyke {{champion:555}} executes the passive of Zac {{champion:154}} , his ult does not share the Cut {{item:3400}} and does not get reset. Bugs that I noticed **after** preseason patch: 1) If Le'Blanc {{champion:7}} goes into her passive, anyone that assisted getting her into it get's a dark-harvest stack. 2) [Removed; will be fixed with 8.24 as Nayjayification (EUW) explained - Thx] 3) On the Bug-Report website that opens from the bottom right of the league client, if you go to bugs appearing "in game", you can choose between "a champion wasn't working correctly", "an item wasn't working correctly" and a few others. An option for "a rune wasn't working correctly" should be added. [Changed "mastery" to "rune" thx to Ninja0Heaven (EUW)] I hope those bugs will be fixed any time soon, greetings from Summoners Rift, Birnbraum
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