Herald token/capsule not being picked up

I just played a game in which for idk which time now we take the Herald I stand over the token/ward/capsule which the Herald spawns at the entrance of its ring and the game just doesn't pick that capsule. I went back and forth in attempt to pick it up and in the end, after 3 attempts, my team was dead and I barely managed to get out, wasting a flash on that. The other team did get the herald. I of course got cornered by some team members who didn't get what and why happened. I played an Annie if it's champion dependent. I've seen other discussions online and people from it. Idk if we would have won with it but it was an important moment and our catch-up attempts got set back even further because of that. Also some thoughtful arguments/discussion below. This is far from the first time the game glitches like that to me. I doubt people go around to vote on bug reports but in case, I'm leaving a poll below.
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