Fix your **** Riot

Good day So im just having another aram to relax, but than one person goes afk from the get go, and other starts feeding and trolling, seemed they might be premade of some sorts. All of that would be fine if i had the opportunity to even report them, but i was denied that , all i was looking for a couple of mins was "SKIP WAITING FOR STATS" screen that was stuck I dont believe in the tribunal or whatever you call it, its obscene how many reports you have to get to be punished for what ? 2 days? But dont deny me that lie of a report system ,becouse that is prolly the only relaxing thing after a stresfull game, even if its a lie. Bye PS: if it was me working in player behaviour id prolly cut down third of your community for a few months, by IP ban, everything else is as mild as breeze.
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