[6.12] Recently Purchased Champions

I don't know if this was reported before. However this is a small bug, not so important thing, but I just noticed it yesterday, so I just wanna report it here. So, when you click at your Summoner profile and then go to your Champion list, at _Availability_ option you can chose: 1. All, 2. Available, 3. Owned, 4. Not Owned and 5. **Recently Purchased** When you chose **Recently Purchased** it randomly shows champions. Yesterday it showed a few champions, but one of those were champions that I bought over 2 years ago. Today when I checked it showed another, different, champions. So that thing is not working properly like other options. http://i1147.photobucket.com/albums/o560/nighty95/Untitled_zpsrpkffqom.png I recently bought Maokai (which is correct, but it wasn't included yesterday as well when I checked thist list for the 1st time), Sion, Shyvana, Bard, Graves, etc. I bought Soraka, Evelynn and LeBlanc a long time ago.
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