Mystic Lux's Ultimate Confusion

Dear Riot and forum dwellers, Over the past week, my friends and I have struggled with an issue and we have not been able to get any closure: > Mystic Lux screams “DEMENTIA!” when she ults. When using the Mystic form of the Elementalist Lux skin, one of her three ultimate voice-lines is “dementia!” We thought this was quite offensive and after listening to the line a couple more times, decided that we would contact Riot Support. The first thing they did was straight up deny that Lux could possibly say that, that it would be horrible to make fun of a real illness like that, and that we must be mistaken. We were also referred to the Lux wikia page, and to “CTRL + f” it, which would show that there is no “dementia”. This is correct. If you stay on the main quote page, there isn’t. But if you actually bother to go to the Elementalist Lux quotes and select Mystic, you will surely find “dementia!” accompanied by a [voice clip]( Of course, when I pointed that out, they told me “yeah, but it’s not an official source”. Furthermore, I was told that “Lux is a champion from Demacia, as stated in the lore”. Now, I’m not new to this game, I’m not oblivious to the fact that she is from Demacia, or that she normally shouts “Demacia!” when she ults. However, this is not what she says in her Mystic form. I then pointed them to a [comment]( we found on Reddit, which explains that “all [Mystic Lux’s] abilities have quotes referring to confusion. Her Q is “Befuddle,” her W is “Addle,” and her E is “Dumbstruck”.” Her theme seems to be dreaming and her abilities reference shock/confusion and her ult, the “Dementia!” is the memory loss that her ult causes. This makes the quote so much more likely to be true. The ‘funny’ part is that when our German friend contacted the German support and guess what, they acknowledges that she says that. Nevertheless, all Riot Customer Support employees we’ve spoken to have redirected us to the boards. So, here I am. Please tell me, what does Mystic Lux say? And what do we do next...
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