Odyss Aug Bug + Missions --- Missions Fix

Augments wont save + wont load ingame aka the old saved ones. Augment Page in collection takes ages to load. Missions wont update unless i check match history multiple times. Fix for missions worked for me: after finishing a match check the Match History Page in your profile and then go to collection and press on augments. Redo this step till it works. you have to wait for the page to load (Match History) worked for me also fixed the augment page not loading but augments still dont work in match. to save augments put the augments and go to your profile page then press save. do it multiple times it saves but they still wont work ingame. Augments were working this morning it only stopped working after the fix notice. please fix this Riot i barely have much time to play and i rarely get holidays. hope this helps guys it worked for me.
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