Game crashes when going to ''Loot"

So i bought nighbringer yasuo and finished some missions and wanted to unlock the border. But everytime i go to loot now the game crashes. I do not have installed or any 3rd party software that interferes with LOL. Windows 10 is up to date and I did a full repair on the game, but still no bueno. UPDATE 1: Installed to see if it magically worked, the answer is no. So i uninstalled it, still didn't. but i could briefly see my loot inventory before it crashed. Restarted my PC, logged in and clicked on loot. Actually did not crash, only after 5-10 secs it crashed when i started to click on the chaos tokens. Anybody knows a fix? UPDATE 2: Been searching the forums for more info, and it appears it's happening more and more often to more people. It seems like it worked for everyone, up until gaining a certain amount of chaos/order tokens. I personally start to thing that the problem is embedded within the new update and with this event. Though some people have over a thousand tokens, and aren't experiencing any problems. it sure is weird.... UPDATE 3: After last night i was just sick and tired of crashing, so i logged off. Logged in now and the loot tab did not crash, no idea what is going on. atleast i have my border now. UPDATE 4: apperantly there were some server issues: ''Hey guys, We had an issue last night resulting in loot crashing but this should now be resolved - can you please confirm if this is the case for you? Thanks!'' atleast for me the problem has been resolved.
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