Disconnecting from game. New client.

So after updating the client i started a game. Everything was ok 'till it started disconnecting from the game every 10-15 seconds, throwing me to the League Client window that said " Game is still in progress", i had a second window of the League TM Client that, if i clicked , returned me to the game and then i would get disconected again after 10 seconds. That means when i was clicking to go to my lane the "Game is still in progress " window was popping up and i was going head on to the dumbfounded enemy that had no idea why i was feeding him. No wonder we lost the game, but at the end the client didn't load but froze almost black and didn't respond to anything. Please tell me is the issue coming from me or is it the new client. I've been using the new client for quite some time and i never had this kind of problem before.

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