"Do not deny me" ... Yes, it is still a problem

This autofill protection (or whatever its called) not working as it should. No, its not a bug... more likely a suggestion or something like that. In ranked, I only play support. So I got the protection, witch is actually means nothing for me as an only-support-player. But when I finally want to try something else in NORMAL game, ofc I got autofilled and go as a support again. It just doesn't seems fair or logical. In ranked most players stick to one or 2 roles the protection is usefull for them if they are not supports, but they might paly worse if they got autofilled into a role, that is not their own. And there there are us, that really few members who constantly play support and what is our reward? got autofill as support when once we would try something else for a change... I feel this unfair And of course there will be no Vote-ups, because there are just a few support players (who go as a support all the time). Because we are that few, our sounds gets lost in the voice of the others :(
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