Charging skill bugs

Hey, there is a very interesting bug with charging skills, and it is destroying the entire game. The bug is the following: When you charge up your spell the range indicator and the bar on bottom screen randomly disappears while charging and you stay in the charging state but you can't use the skill. This bug happened to me with many champs. This is just completely destroying the champions and the game itself. The bug happens with the same champs/skills: 1. Varus's Q 2. Xerath's Q 3. Vi's Q 4. Zac's E 5. Galio's W 6. Irelia W 7. Rumble ultimate (R) (i know it is not a charging skill but the range and direction indicator disappears and you can't launch it.) ETC. So basicly it happens with every charging skill in the game... RIOT PLS FIX THIS BUG.
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