Hail of blades + shaco ult bug

Hey everyone, I'd like to tell you about the bug which happens with shaco {{champion:35}} using Hail of Blades rune and his clone (ultimate). Not really much to tell. You do an autoattack on a champion -> hail of blades procs -> shaco uses his ultimate -> as a result the clone gains the attack speed buff from hail of blades for it's full duration. I'm 100% sure that it wasn't intended and needs to be fixed asap as shaco is too popular right now. You can easily recreate this in practice-tool. Step by step it will look like this: 1. Start as shaco with hail of blades rune 2. Get level 6 3. Create enemy dummy 4. Attack it once and immediately press R 5. Enjoy watching the clone hitting the dummy with huge attack speed until it dies Thank you for attention{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} p.s. I find this bug crucial and too easy to abuse so please let's make sure that riot will notice this report
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