Trying to reconnect... (Mac)

Dear Riot, I have had this problem for a few weeks now and I said to myself: "just wait until the next patch, the problem will be gone". But sadly we entered 7.18 and nothing has happened. The Problem: - I start League of Legends - Get into the login screen - Enter my Acc data - Client opens and a message pops up: "Trying to reconnect..." - This can take 2-5 minutes and the window closes (im connected) OR take 10+ mins and says : "Exit now", which closes the client and I can start from the beginning - When it suddenly connects there are no further problems whatsoever. Stable ping at 22, no lags ever. ***It is NOT my internet connection. 100%. Checked everything out and it is more than fine.*** This started with patch 7.16 and it is extremely annoying. I have seen that many other Mac users got this problem. I am sure this can not be that hard to fix.
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