Bug: Scaling

[](https://i.ibb.co/nLMkp9t/1.jpg) [](https://i.ibb.co/pv2mw7p/2.jpg) https://i.ibb.co/nLMkp9t/1.jpg https://i.ibb.co/pv2mw7p/2.jpg The bug... I was always using from almost 25.03.2018 The fullscreen size window of League application with hidden taskbar of Operation System Windows 10, right now it's impossible because it feels like "gaming chair" I want to make this application fullscreen with hidden taskbar on my FHD screen what means 1920x1080res It must work like in past. Repair that. Ah, something more... Meshuggah the music group, right? They saved my life. Stop making Prestige, hyper idiotic, ++, minus chromosome skins. Those skin-borders... WTF IS THIS, GTFO. Where are Nightmare Tryndamerelike skins? This game isn't legends. This game is "special" for "special" people. Stop making this sh*t. Start being open-minded like almost in past. Thresh new skin is total garbage, not like nightmare tryndamere. Any answer? Work is in progress? hah. I would love the Meshuggahlike skins. Heavily inspired by for nautilus or thresh or even blitzcrank. Do whatever you want it's your well. Fountain. I WANT BROOTALITY IN SKINS, DOMINATION. I want to most brutal screams even possible to hear when somebody dies because of my assist. Diablo 2 Dark Rogue Dying sound is something good to get inspired by, And Jens's Screams too. Im feared. Everything what you reading you all makes it Comercional "true damage" or "footkill" or even "sh*tsquad" +1 SQL is something what makes me walking on my room and %%%%ing %%%%s on that. Login alias doesn't matter only freaking nickname alias. Make people be able to make same nickname as someone has. DAFAQ IS GOING ON THIS PLANET?! Most wanted: Voice League for every soloQ player in team all together talking... CLASH IS ONLINE VOICE LEAGUE WITH THIS FEAtURE NOT?! You all want the freaking money for nothing interesting. START UPGRADE PLAY TO NETSOCIAL STANDARDS. My Idea: DELETE EVERYTHING SHIT WHAT IS IT, MAKE PEOPLE RP BACK START DO WHAT IS GOOD. Post Scriptum Kvelux 200mg, amisan 100mg Experience: Risperydon 1mg/3mg And heavier sh*t because together on the same time. only for stand and do not %%%% up anything like yesterdays. Enjoy your life, somebody's else... Smiteless arms, unscream and uncry Let me enjoy go through this sh8tstorm. It's like shouting on sun. If you haven't balls show tits!
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